Poor Richard's
Poor Richard's patio

Healing the Earth, one garden at a time.

You can have the garden and landscape of your dreams with help from Becky Elder!

Becky the Gardener cares about bringing organic beauty into the gardens and backyards of my Colorado Springs clients. I care about working with you to create your perfect garden and landscape design while taking care of the earth. Concerned about the environment? Let me help you go organic so you can kick the chemicals and provide a nature habitat!

Providing Garden and Landscape Advice Since 1995

Since 1995, Becky has been working hard for her reputation in the community and she wants to help you design the garden and landscape of your dreams!

Permaculture Design and Consultation

Organic Gardens

Forest Garden


Habitat Gardens

Rainwater Systems


Home Systems

Call (719) 685-0290 or email Becky to schedule a garden/permaculture consultation!

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