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Becky Elder, The Gardener

An impact that resonates

Becky Elder has been putting pen to paper since she was writing poetry as a young girl. Her approach to nature, her observations and her knowledge braid together into delightful passages that remind readers to stay connected, stay tapped into the heart of the natural world and stay open to the mysteries of nature. 

As a gardener, she wrote about the world beneath the soil surface and she flew with the birds and butterflies above tree canopies. Her first book, Raven in the Garden; a Front Range Gardener’s Journal, was published in 2007. A chapter was submitted to the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference’s Paul Gillette Memorial writing Contest in 2003 and won the first-place award for Creative Nonfiction. Becky’s writings have been published in national publications and have been carried as regular columns in local papers over the years. She has a large, devoted following that receive her monthly offerings. 

Becky Elder is a locally renowned and respected lecturer and permaculture instructor/experienced gardener. She continues to write and is working on her second book, Letters to my Grandchildren. Becky continues to present local programs up and down the Colorado Front Range and works in the local permaculture courses through Pikes Peak Permaculture. Want a program for your group? Reach out.  

Read our Written Word Kudo's

  • Beautiful! (As usual.) No one does it quite like you, Becky, invoking the wonders, beauty, and rhythms of nature. I appreciate you and thank you for sharing.  In gratitude. SK.   
  • Becky, all that you have said & written below is absolutely beautiful & so darn true. FW 
  • Thank you, Becky, for profound, gracious words expressing the deep grief of an unexpected young one’s loss.  So tenderly expressed. As I age, I'm more sensitive to the letting go of summer into falling leaves, as my mood drops into winter's chill.  Your writing never ceases to amaze me. Hugs to you, CA
  • RE: Your article - The INDY bear article. Thank you for going through the trouble of finding this. I am going to keep this and know I will refer to it often. Funny thing is, as soon as I began reading it, I remembered it! This opinion piece made a huge impact on me at the time.  DM 
  • Oh Becky, your emails (blog emails)always make me cry - tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of rage.    RM.  
  • I always find your writings edifying as well as entertaining. Please keep them coming.  PP
  • I just love reading your emails, you always hit home for me because I feel like you do. Solastalgia is the perfect word to describe how I have felt for a long time. I know there are many people that feel as I do and I am going to try and bring them together to help us all. Thanks for your inspiration, Becky, and the things I have learned from you and Robin from down under. AG. 

Consultations and Projects Kudo's:

  • Thanks much for the very complete assessment of our yard.  We are taking your advice to go slowly and contemplate changes (except for juniper removal - they are gone!)   G & K
  • Thanks for your input for the on-going development of our landscape.  Your ideas have give some new directions for my thoughts.  MM
      • Thank you so much for your work.  I really appreciate your deep respect for the earth, and I hope I have the opportunity to recommend you to others.   M
      • Thanks for the generous consults. You were right about the drought!  Thanks again.  Hope to see you again sometime.  J
      • ” We really appreciate your help and your wisdom (and your good nature!) You’re wonderful to work with and we’re excited to get started on our ‘yard evolution’! ” – JP
      • “We are SO pleased with everything so far!  It looks 100% better. Looking forward to future projects!”  – KS & MS

      Programs and Presentations Kudo's:

      • Thanks so much for taking the time to share your gardening passions - your yard reflects a wonderful diversity and eclectic style that is lots of fun. The tour of your clients' gardens reflects how talented you are and how in tune you are to other peoples' desires. Have a good summer and take care.    CH
      • Thanks for being the Pied Piper of Permaculture and helping me to see the light!  Enjoyed your class and hope to implement some changes in the near future (slowly.)  As they say, be the change you want to see in the world.  A
      • Thanks for your input for the on-going development of our landscape.  Your ideas have give some new directions for my thoughts.  MM
      • I believe if you have anything to do with it, permaculture will become a household word and we all will be living it. Permaculture power! Appreciatively,  AA
      • I just wanted to send a brief letter to say thank you for your teaching and  coaching at the recent permaculture design course. You are so dedicated and knowledgeable and effective in teaching!     BB
      • Becky is an energetic, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable speaker.  Her love of each topic she presents is very obvious and is a great motivation and inspiration to her students.  I am aware that Becky also continues to develop her educational background. She attended an extensive training course in permaculture this past summer. I would recommend Becky for any instructional endeavor she wishes to pursue.    LV
      • Thank you so much for your presentation on "Basic Gardening" on May, 2008, at the Manitou Springs Public Library. Our library staff and I have received many wonderful comments about the presentation. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Our thanks to you for taking the time to come to our library and meet with us. Your knowledge of the climate and "ground" for gardening and landscaping in the Manitou Springs region is wonderfully extensive and will surely be helpful to the attendees as they beautify the areas around their homes  VS

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