What Our Clients Say…


“I am pleased beyond measure with my gardens.  Everything is beautiful, tranquil and refreshed, thriving and growing.  I owe your entire crew many thanks! They have the right    touch!  Great to have you and Blue Planet Earthscapes as my gardeners! – SB

” We really appreciate your help and your wisdom (and your good nature!) You’re wonderful to work with and we’re excited to get started on our ‘yard evolution’! ” – JP

“Thank you both for the enlightening discussion yesterday.  We have totally reconsidered what we will do in our very sloped back yard, and are thinking of ways to keep our water on our property in front, also.  Thanks also, Becky, for mentioning how important a wildlife habitat is.  We have skunks, raccoons, foxes, and often, deer in our yards.  So fun to see the deer eating our tomatoes!  If this were a pristine yard, I’d hate to think what we would miss.  We planted berry bushes in a corner, that don’t produce much, but the birds are certainly happy!!

I think your message is so awesome, it needs to be heard!   Again, much praise for all you do.” – Dorothy and Don

“Thank you so much for your gift of time and expertise. You have inspired me! I can’t wait to get out there and carry on!” – Lynne

“The gardens are magnificent – everything is in full bloom and there is a riot of color when you look outside. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much! Come by and see!” Fondly, Julie

“Thanks for the generous consults.  … YOU were right about the drought!  Thanks again. ”   – Jeanine

“We are SO pleased with everything you’ve done so far!  It looks 100% better.  Looking forward to future projects!”  – Kelly & Marc

Thanks for being the Pied Piper of Permaculture and helping me to see the light! Enjoyed your class and hope to implement some changes in the near future (slowly.) As they say, be the change you want to see in the world.

Thank you so much for your presentation on “Basic Gardening” on May 21, 2008, at the Manitou Springs Public Library. Our library staff and I have received many wonderful comments about the presentation. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Our thanks to you for taking the time to come to our library and meet with us. Your knowledge of the climate and “ground” for gardening and landscaping in the Manitou Springs region is wonderfully extensive and will surely be helpful to the attendees as they beautify the areas around their homes. – Valerie S