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Robin Shankman

Robin Shankman was born in Massachusetts and raised in Connecticut till she was 21 she then moved to Texas for 6 years. It has been a dream of Robin’s to move to Colorado ever since 9th grade when she learned to ski. Her dream came true in the summer of 89.

In Texas she worked in the Restaurant industry and continued that work for a while in Colorado, but her life began to change. She decided to go back to college full time while working full time. She was so enamored with the mountains that she wanted to start exploring them, So she got a job at Mountain chalet where she could learn about the gear and mountaineering. And that she did. She successfully climbed many 14ers including Mt. Rainier and Whitney. She became an avid telemark skier and learned to rock climb. She also advanced to management and received her degree in business with a marketing emphasis. With her degree and her increased desire to tele as much as possible, she attained a job at Winter Park ski resort as manager of there outdoor retail shops. She moved there and stayed for 5 years. Winter Park is where she met her life partner Larry Erpelding who happened to live in Colorado Springs. After 3 years of a long distance relationship and a total disenchantment with Corporate America she decided to move back to Colorado Springs, which also meant a total career change.

Becky had met Robin a few years before and hired her on the spot with no experience. Becky became Robin’s mentor and she soaked up all the information Becky could give her. Becky convinced Robin to take the Permaculture design course and she became certified that first year. During this time she took on a challenging part time job at the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission as their Sustainability director for a year and a half, which was a huge educational experience where she put on a very successful Mothering Mother Earth festival. She also attended the Northwest Earth Institute who are the leaders in education in sustainability. After that first year with Becky Robin became a lead gardener, went back to the Permaculture institute to receive an advanced permaculture certificate, and Teachers certificate, and continues to grow with Blue Planet.

The Healing arts are another passion of Robin’s and believes gardening ties in so well. She became certified as an adept teacher in 1999 and is a first step Ritual Master. She has been trained to do DNA activations, Cord cuttings and other King Solomon modalities and works under the name Earthly Energy Werx. She is also a Craniosacral therapist, is certified in Phenomenal Touch and is a distributor for a wonderful product called Juice Plus. To get more information on this product please visit

“I am passionate about my work and am happy and grateful to be working with such a fabulous group”.