Walls, Paths & Patios

Walls, Paths and Patios for Outdoor Living Spaces


Creating a peoplescape isn’t just about plantings. Walls, paths and patios define movement through your landscape, sculpt the soil and create outdoor rooms and entertaining spaces where you’ll want to linger.

Picture a patio of pavers, flagstone or recycled brick with living “grout,” such as ruby glow thyme. It sparks your patio design with bright flowers and rewards you with a delightful fragrance when you step on it. Paths benefit from this treatment, too.

Consider a dry creek that meanders through your yard—it’s attractive and helps control water flow.

Add extra touches for a garden that pleases all your senses: Decorative and functional rock walls, bubbling fountains and ponds, low-voltage or solar outdoor lighting and outdoor sound systems.

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