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Becky Elder, The Gardener

Winter Solstice is the time of year when gardeners turn from the autumnal down cycle of shorter and shorter days to the now-going-up cycle of longer days culminating in spring.  It gives us a time of celebration in the midst of our silent gardens and for observation of our lives and life’s meanings.

December temperatures have dipped below zero!  All my weather records from the past are worthless as Mother Nature takes on a new path.  Our weather is climate change up close and personal, just outside our windows.  As we move through time, we are witnessing changes outside the norms.  So, as a gardener, the serious business of staying alive is all about growing plants.  From seeds to trees, we need to stay atop the waves of change to keep our plants alive.

Not only that, but we need to know what plants to stop growing because it will be useless to continue and a waste of resources.  Gardeners need to keep studying the plants so we can add to our palettes those that will survive and will back up basic survival of life.  It is urgent study!

I cannot keep myself indoors too much and nothing is more beautiful than fresh snow on our Colorado backdrop.  Willows on Fountain Creek are already showing off their golden buds, partnered with red twigs and tri-leaf sumacs budding in red tones. It is amazing to me that the plants keep going and growing all year round.  Buds also hold that elusive bit of promise in the winter storms that spring will come yet again.  In every day there is beauty no matter the serious business.  Stay aware of that!

As I walk through this winter wonderland, frosty puffs of breath freeze onto my neck scarf forming pesky ice blobs as.  My toes are crammed into woolen socks with heavy boots; woolen pants have leg warmers up over my knees, heavy gloves, and a good hat… I have the whole winter apparel works, under a woolen poncho.  Still a bit cold, but I’m happy.  I am always happy when it snows!  Maybe you too? Enjoy your winter season coming.


Becky the Gardener


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