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Winter Watering Your Thirsty Landscape
The past year drew to a close with extreme dry conditions. We recorded only a little over 9 inches of moisture… even with that wonderfully wet May! Average norm is 17.16 inches! So we are dry as a brittle bone, crispy as an autumn leaf, chapped as a cowboy… we are DRY!

Blue Planet gardeners are popping in to winter water our clients’ landscapes when we can to keep the root zones from drying out too desperately. Dry soil actually pulls water from living roots, desiccating them and potentially killing the plant. So we work to keep the soil mulched and occasionally watered. If you see sprinklers watering the “lawn”, just know that we are watering the shade trees that have expansive root systems under the grass.

Drought can be so difficult to grasp, especially when we are so water conscious and wanting to conserve, conserve… all the while the plants need more, more water with weather like this.

To winter water, the temperature needs to be above 40 degrees, and that usually translates into a 5-hour window from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Watering stops before the temperatures drop. This allows the water to percolate into the soil and prevent water girdling if it refreezes on the surface.

Certainly you can water your plants whenever you like and have time. Once a month is the normal rate of water in a normal winter, however, with this incredible dryness, we are favoring three weeks between watering. Please call us if you have any questions about winter water. In the meantime, pray for snow and lots of it!

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