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Becky Elder
, The Gardener

Consultations for Colorado Gardens and Landscapes since 1995

Healing the Earth, One Garden at a time.

Becky Elder the gardener cares about restoring organic strength and natural wholeness to the gardens and landscapes of the Pikes Peak Region. Opening the door to nature’s whole system emerges through building soil, managing water works, creating forest gardens, homestead elements and natural habitats for birds and pollinators, allowing the landscape to evolve and expand over time.

Becky cares about working with you to create and design the landscape and gardens that serve your vision and build your personal satisfaction. Whether you have a small project or want a long view master plan, Becky Elder is at your service. 

Providing Consulting and Design since 1995

Since 1995, Becky has been working hard for her reputation in the community and she wants to help you design the garden and landscape of your dreams!

  • Permaculture and Traditional Landscape Consultations
  • Permaculture and Landscape Design 
  • Rainwater Management
  • Forest Gardens and Food Forests
  • Urban and Rural Small Farm Design
  • Habitat Repair and Feral Gardens
  • Fire Mitigation and Biochar for the soil ecosystem 
  • Land Stewardship

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we can solve all the world’s problems in a garden. 
-geoff lawton, Australian permaculture designer